About Us

Munson Industries was founded in 2007 by an individual with more than twenty five years of experience in industrial manufacturing and distribution. From its inception, this individual demanded the company offer:

  • Inventive, customer-driven ideas
  • Supreme quality construction
  • Dominant customer service

Munson Industries continues to follow those guiding principles to maintain its presence in the industrial distribution of engineered products and services.

Inventive, Customer-Driven Ideas

Munson Industries unique ability to construct engineered products and services means it can offer inventive, customer-driven ideas others can’t. Customer-driven means those engineered products and services are designed to meet our customers’ needs.

Supreme quality construction

The ability to design engineered products and services enables Munson Industries to differentiate itself from the competition. Munson Industries first determines the nature and practice features of the customer’s needs, and then designs the products and services suited for that application.

Dominant Customer Service

Knowledgeable and responsive customer service is a founding principle at Munson Industries. Properly specifying for the secure use of engineered products and services requires engineering the product and service for the severity of each application. Munson Industries trained field sales associates and experienced engineers understand their job is to make sure customers receive the best solution to match their needs.

For inventive customer-driven ideas, supreme quality construction and dominant customer service, click here to contact a Munson Industries representative.